Fall Worship Focus 2015

On Sunday September 27 we gathered together as a ministry for the annual Fall Worship Focus in the worship center! Lunch was first of course, provided by Corner Bakery.

FWF15 lunch1FWF15 lunch2FWF15 lunch3FWF15 lunch4FWF15 lunch5

After that Tom gathered everyone up front and said, “let’s take a walk” and we left the comfort of the worship center to visit the Nativity area for a glimpse of how things will look come Christmastime.

FWF15 lunch6FWF15 tour1FWF15 tour2FWF15 tour3FWF15 tour4FWF15 tour5FWF15 tour6FWF15 tour7

We walked the entire route and discussed Nativity details. This year’s outreach program is a bit shorter, focusing on more simple interaction with the audience and the Luke 2 story, and using kids in different ways. There are no shepherds or angels in the distance this year; instead, we’ll have a small Angel Choir singing a few songs along with the nativity team and the audience at the manger scene. Narration for the Luke 2 story will come from kids chosen by our AWANA program. The orientation of the scene changes too, with the audience facing the WC wall. We’ll use the wall for visual support and some environmental projection. The Nativity audience will leave the scene and walk the path down toward the WC back porch, pass through there and make their way back into the WC for Christmas snacks, crafts and family photos as before.

After that, we made our way back into the main room for some State of the Ministry details. There was some recap about the Legacy Sundays, and discussion about the changeover from 3 to 2 services. We received about a dozen survey responses, not as much as we had hoped for, but it was helpful. Our ministry continues to be healthy even through the transitions of 2015, and continues to grow.

Next were presentations from a few others regarding ways we as a ministry can look outward, and serve each other along with COD as a whole. Julie mentioned our weekly prayer ministry. Karen pointed out care calendar opportunities, and meeting special needs within our ministry. Amanda and Michael R both spoke on prep room interactions, and ways we could make that time more special. Tom reminded us of the importance of discipleship within our ministry, and challenged us to think about ways we could assist other ministries.

We broke into two groups, men and women, and spent about 15 minutes on the dress code that was recently sent out to all, clarifying details and giving room for discussion.

After that, the remainder of the time was spent hearing from other worship leaders on their own perspectives of leading here at COD. Dave F, Rob, Greg, Tyler and James all shared with us for a few minutes, and it was a great encouragement!

FWF15 Rob1FWF15 Tyler1FWF15 James1

We are moving into the coming year with a challenge to further define our values as a ministry, and then live those out as we serve and grow into the next generation of worshipers here!


2 thoughts on “Fall Worship Focus 2015

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  2. Michael R.

    “We are moving into the coming year with a challenge to further define our values as a ministry, and then live those out as we serve and grow into the next generation of worshipers here!”
    What a great perspective and challenge to all of us. it is a great privilege to serve in this ministry; may it burden all of us to seek ways to serve/assist other ministries at COD.


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