My Redeemer Lives rap

Soldier of the cross lost, Now I’m found,

Blind but now I see the reality

Of Christianity and what it means to be

in a worldly society – Oh no not me,

I can’t live with my soul defiled

Confession with my mouth

But deny Him with my lifestyle

That’s wild

I have to keep my eyes focused on the word of God

The Holy Bible, It’s for survival,

compelling the lost to come,

placing their faith in the only way true life’s begun

By grace alone, Through faith alone,

In Christ alone, Our sins were atoned to make known

That in the midst of the battle

We’re never alone

When the True Paradigm is on the throne,

So raise up the banner, give God the praise;

Our faith is secured in Jesus’ name!

©David Myles


4 thoughts on “My Redeemer Lives rap

  1. al sagginario

    Is there a recorded performance of this, and may I please get it? I want to spread the good sound to some folks here in the peachy State of Georgia!

    1. codworship Post author

      Hey Al! haven’t found a decent recording yet of that, sorry. When I do I’ll pass it on.

  2. Sheli Harmeyer

    Thanks Julie and Tom for two decades of leadership! I was glad to be a part of your team. I am praying God has wonderful things ahead for you that you have not yet even imagined. I am glad that your friendly faces will still be around!

    1. codworship Post author

      Thanks for your kind words Sheli! We’re grateful to have served for so long with so many faithful people.


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