Fall Worship Focus 2014

On Sunday October 5 of this year we had our annual Fall Worship Focus, held after services in our Worship Center. It began with some tasty lunch around tables, sponsored by our Worship Ministry. Thanks Corner Bakery!

FWFocus lunch 14a

FWFocus lunch 9aFWFocus lunch 7a

FWFocus lunch 6a

FWFocus lunch 5a

After that rousing time, we headed to the front of the stage to play a game! This year it was Heads Up, kind of like a 10,000 Pyramid meets Password meets some other third thing. Two teams sent contestants back and forth up to play, and it proved harder than it looks. You had to be there — !







After that fun, Tom spent some time talking about the ministry highlights over the past year. He brought up Bill C, who helps coach discipleship within the ministry, to talk about its importance and impact on others.

FWF Bill T1

Tom stressed his own hypothesis that:

The quality of a worship ministry is dependent on the strength of its relationships. Not its great talent, or its musical ringers, or its music selections, or age demographic, or any of that popular opinion. It has everything to do with how relationships are built within the ministry, how people who serve together know and trust each other, and even how the congregation relates to others on the platform on a regular basis. This is a major reason why discipleship within our own ministry is vital to the health and quality of the ministry!

Next was a brief discussion on our Faith to Rest assignments in 2014: things we’ve done, or not done, and how we’ve taken that challenge this year individually and as a ministry. Tom reminds us that there’s still three months left! He informed everyone that there would be NO Living Nativity this season, as an example of how we need to create some time and space instead for our own ministry and for the church as a whole this year.

We then spent some time looking forward to 2015, and our 100th anniversary as a church! Tom highlighted some of the guest speakers, talked about the number of special Legacy Sundays we’ll enjoy together as one congregation, and mentioned some of the special music for next year. One of the things we’ll be doing more is having a Legacy Choir of singers for some of these special Sundays, all with one rehearsal the week before. We’ll be asking for singers from our ministry to form a core group and then inviting others in our congregation to participate as well. Singers can do both (sing in the Legacy choir and still be a part of regular worship teams) in 2015.

We prayed for these things, and then were led in worship by Dave F from our Traditional service (who told us a great story about drums in 1960’s COD Downtown!), and Rob L from our Contemporary services.


FWF Roblead1

FWF Roblead2

FWF Roblead3

FWF Roblead4

What a great afternoon together! Reminders of God’s faithfulness and the affirmation of a strong ministry, it’s such a joy to serve together.

FWF faithful

FWFocus Townsends


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