2010 Ministry Dinner

A Good time had by all involved at this years’ Ministry Dinner May 13! Some glimpses of the evening for you:

Tracy and Richard were there

Dave and Sheli were there

Cheryl was there, laughing

Diana and Janice were there

James brought Jenna

Brian brought Lori

what? who brought these?

Kara and Robert were there

Kurt and Heather were there, as was Lynn

Andy and Amanda were there

Morgan and Aileen were there

Carolyn and Ralph were there

Ray and Shirley were there

Karen and Jon were there

Rob and Dana were there

Tom did not come with John! but both were there

Louis and Debbe were there

Suzanne and Kristen were there

Shawn and Chris were there

Michael did not come with John either!

Stacey came, but not with this little guy

THIS ONE GOES to 11 winner for 2010 Carolyn

FOLGERS AWARD winner for 2010 Al

PERFECT TIMING AWARD winner for 2010 Dave

SILENCE is GOLDEN winner for 2010 Matt

Shawn models the Great Jacket of Respect once more

Shawn hands off the award to a surprised Meredith

GREAT JACKET of RESPECT winner for 2010 Meredith

Crowning a new King of Percussion

Your KING of PERCUSSION for 2010 Michael

SPAGHETTI AWARD winner for 2010 Steffani


One thought on “2010 Ministry Dinner

  1. julie Townsend

    Julie was there too, though, sadly unrepresented in the pictures…sigh…=)

    John Gregorich stole my date!


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