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Were You There?

IMG_4114What a great campout! Pictures are HERE in Community.


Keyboard Fund Update

We have about 600. raised so far, thanks to all who have contributed! I know more of you have asked about this and said you were hoping to add to this — we are giving you ONE MORE SUNDAY to contribute! Please come prepared to give this Sunday, either by check made to COD in the box at the Prep Room table, or by giving online with the line item ‘COD Keyboard Fund’.

We are hoping to raise at least 1000. of the 1700. required for purchase. Thanks!

Sunday Morning’s Call

Here’s a post that is for everyone — I mentioned this in our worship team email today but it’s something that everyone needs to be reminded of re: our Sunday morning call time and the brief time we have to prep before services.

We have 45 minutes from 8 to 8:45am for prep. It’s helpful to have vocals start in the prep room warming up at 8. Band should be ready to play at 8 and be looking over their music, and getting sounds. Media team should be there before 8 (.15 before?) to be ready to go. As your leader I am often killing time a bit while waiting for someone to show so that we’re not doing things twice or giving instruction to some who aren’t here yet. Help us all by doing your best to be here on time!

I appreciate your attention to these details and being such a reliable and caring ministry! Thanks.

As of last Sunday (March 13) we have raised 500. towards our new keyboard – ! We’ve got two more Sundays to go to raise funds for this, 1000. total or more would be fantastic.


Keyboard Fund So Far

So far we have raised 360. for our new keyboard for worship. Thank you to all who have given already! We will continue to accept donations through Easter Sunday, and look to purchase in early April. Hoping to raise at least 1000. for this, it will cost about 1700..

Please consider giving any amount for this worthwhile addition to our worship! We’re going to donate our older keyboard to the Youth Ministry this spring.


Most Sung in 2015

Which songs did we sing most often in 2015? Here are the results —

JESUS PAID IT ALL 12 times. Well, no surprise. DOXOLOGY was used 9 times.

10,000 REASONS & STRONGER tied at 6. Both songs consistently resonate with our multi generational congregation.

THE SAME LOVE & THIS IS AMAZING GRACE tied at 5 times. 8 other songs tied at 4.

Anything surprise you? I’m always a little amazed we didn’t do certain songs more than we actually did! All others were 3 or less, many just one time in 2015. Typically in the new year I try to ‘retire’ a few more songs on my list, and add a few others.