2015 Opening Comments from Ed

These are great remarks from our Lead Pastor Ed Underwood on the focus for our Centennial Year 2015. Let’s remember this as we lead others in worship this month and through the year!

This year Church of the Open Door celebrates 100 Years of Faithfulness—the Lord Jesus Christ’s care and nurturing of our historic church and the faithfulness of generations of CODers to our Savior. It’s a storied history of a church that has made a difference for the kingdom of God. It’s a legacy we embrace and a legacy we want to endure into the future.

But the real story had less to do with the accomplishments of individuals, however renowned they may have been. In reality, it had everything to do with the God who empowers His people to accomplish what we could never accomplish apart from His power and presence within us. The legacy of Church of the Open Door is the sum of the collective stories of men and women of faith who took Jesus at His word and followed Him as disciples.

We’re devoting the 12 months of 2015 not only to celebrating our legacy, but more importantly to equipping today’s CODers to build their own legacies of eternal impact as we follow our Good Shepherd. Our text will be the Book of Romans. God has been good to us. We are a healthy, disciplemaking, equipping and sending community where the gospel is being worked into real life. Your leaders—elders and staff—feel strongly that we should be doing more with all this blessing than merely celebrating it and asking God to keep it going.

We believe God is asking us to share the blessing with our hurting world. It’s time for all of us to begin looking at our personal world with broken hearts for the ones who are living outside of the grace of God. I’m asking God to give us a burden for our world—our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and loved ones who are without Christ and without hope.



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