At Summer’s End

It’s the end of summer. There, I said it! You know it and I know it, Summer is turning slowly into Fall. For some it’s a melancholy time, with the feeling that sunny memories are behind us and the leaves are about to turn. For others, this means routines are back in place and new normalcy makes a triumphant return! Which camp are you in?

It’s been a good summer of worship here on the Hillside. Our Traditional services have been led well by Dave F and Ralph K, keeping worship simple and using song stories & backgrounds to accentuate hymns. In the Contemporary services we’ve moved to the floor for informal small group worship teams closer to everyone. Rob, Greg, James, Amanda, and Tyler have all led worship with faithful hearts. I am so grateful to have such leaders in this worship community!

For those of you who are wistful about summer’s end, I empathize. Seasons change. I hope it’s been a great one for you! If you’re someone who’s looking forward to the Fall and all that routine again, I can also empathize! As a parent, it’s nice to return to patterns as a family. Let me remind you all however that this year is supposed to be different for us as a church family, in our Year of Rest. It didn’t end with the Summer break! We as a staff are intentionally trying not to start new ministries moving into this Fall, and striving to protect people’s time in order to give you all space to rest and reflect. I’ve had to remind some of you over this summer that if you’re feeling antsy about not being involved enough, maybe that is something you need to connect with God about in this Year of Rest! In our ministry, we’re continuing to be mindful of this in hopes of hearing God’s heart for COD for the next decade. The changes in routine are intentional.

Strive along with myself and our pastoral staff to pursue rest this Fall, however that looks for you. Enjoy your summer memories, and make new ones for the Fall that involve family and friends and your COD community! Trust God more with the details of your life. Let go of busyness in favor of rest and space. The Fall is nearly here, and let’s make every effort to enter that rest!


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