May Details

This Spring is rolling along! Our year of learning Faith to Rest continues, and hopefully this has been making some difference in your walk with Christ and weekly lives in 2014. Here are a couple of schedule notes for this month of May, and into the Summer:

Sunday May 4 – Ed will revisit our Faith to Rest theme around the Lord’s Table in all services.

Sunday May 11 – it’s Mother’s Day! Child dedications in services.

Sunday May 18 – Our Youth Band leads worship in the CONT services, with Dave Newkirk preaching. This is also a FIELD TRIP SUNDAY for our worship ministry, which means it’s a good day to find some friends and go visit another local church to worship with them and gain some perspective on what we do. Rest in letting someone else lead you, and let the experience inspire and encourage you!

Sunday May 25 – Greg leads the worship team in the CONT services on this Memorial Day weekend.

Also of note — Our Annual Ministry Dinner scheduled for Thursday May 22 has been cancelled for this year. Part of the reason is financial, since we currently have extraordinary budget restraint right now and can’t really afford to do it. The other larger reason is to take a year of rest from some of our normal activity. If you have the date open and want to get together with others, and celebrate serving together in ministry, then by all means do it! But I want to rest from that activity this season, and pick it up again next year. So those of you with Award trophies will have to enjoy them an extra year!

This Summer, starting on June 8, we’ll worship again from the floor in the CONT services. We’ll do some promoting of VBA during the month, and hope to close it out with another Drum Sunday on June 29.

Thanks to all of you for serving faithfully, and making what I get to do a joy.



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