FTR Discussion Questions March 2014

Last Sunday we ended up not having our morning discussion since so few of you actually RSVP’d, but here are the discussion questions we would have thought through for you to ponder sometime this month:

1. This is the season of Lent for much of Christianity. It’s not specifically mentioned in the Bible, but observed by many as a way to prepare for Easter and put our focus on Christ. It’s a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline. In our Faith to Rest year, what are you willing to consider giving up or setting aside for this Lenten Season?

2. Are there things in this Worship Ministry that we could consider setting aside for a season or giving up for a season in order to rest and renew?

3. What kind of impact has FTR had on your life personally and as a family so far this year?

Pray for each other and the ministry in these things, and pray for your leaders as they continue to look for ways to implement this idea of FTR throughout our ministries at COD.


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