Sunday’s first Faith to Rest ministry gathering

This coming Sunday January 19th is an opportunity for everyone in our ministry to gather together for prayer and discussion on Faith to Rest! While I am leading worship in the Worship Center for the 9:15 and 11:00 Contemporary services, many of you should be gathering in the Prep Room. This is your reminder to make a point to come to either one! Come at 9:15 and then go to worship at 11:00, or vice versa. You’ll be led in specific focuses based on this month’s sermons, and spend time resting in prayer and catching up with each other too. We don’t often get to come together for anything other than rehearsal or dinner (once a year in May)! This is special, and important to me.

Even though you’re not on the schedule for this Sunday, I am encouraging each of you to come! We are doing this a handful of times in 2014, and this is the first one. Come and bring your insights and questions on what it means to have Faith to Rest, and share them with the others you serve alongside.


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