And Now, Christmas

Our Christmas Season of worship has wound down to this: Celebrating Christmas Eve and Day with family and friends! Some of you visit other local churches for Christmas Eve services, which I always encourage since so many other churches in our community do this so well. We’ll gather together again this coming Sunday morning for one combined service at 11am, where the focus will be at the Lords’ Table to end the year and look forward to the next one. It’s great to take the opportunity to worship as one body.

Thank you to all who served in many different ways at our Living Nativity outreach on Dec. 13-15! It was so well received and attended each night, and I’m grateful we can host and present the gospel in such a unique way. Only here at COD can we use the hillside as a backdrop for Bethlehem, see the Angels and Shepherds way off in the distance, and even include the full moon as part of the scene. Beautiful.

Thanks to all who sang and played at our Christmas services this past Sunday morning as well! It was a pleasure to be part of this annual family tradition, and to get to lead along with a number our other worship leaders.

This year 2013 is sure ending on a high note!

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