Nativity Casting Update

After two Sundays of Nativity casting opportunities, we’re still hoping to fill some roles! We need all of you in our worship ministry community to help us find a few more:

SHEPHERDS! Male teens & adults needed, 1-2 nights. We need more for each night, Friday-Sunday, particularly adult men.

MARY & JOSEPH! Young men and women, teens or young adults. No lines, just playing the part for 1-2 nights. We could still use one more couple for each night. 1 rehearsal for this on Thursday Dec 5 7pm.

TOWNSPEOPLE!  Adult individuals or entire families are welcome to participate for 1-2 nights. Young children not recommended unless accompanied by an adult (there are no free range kids roaming the streets of Bethlehem in our story!). We need many more for Friday, and could use more on Sat/Sun as well.

The entire cast has a dress rehearsal on Wednesday Dec 11 at 7pm in the worship center & on stage.

Thanks for your help in this!! Please have any interested people email Julie ASAP at

Your Nativity Drama Team

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