Christmas Service this Sunday!

We’re ready for another Christmas Sunday, the fourth and final Sunday of Advent! Bring it on. Choir met last night and prepared for things, along with instruments. It will be a meaningful service, as always.

There is an anthem we’re using as part of the morning worship, an arrangement of O Little Town of Bethlehem, beautiful melody with Carolyn accompanying on the organ. There is a descant in the song, but after working through it some last night I’ve decided to cut it and have sopranos sing along with the rest. It’s a struggle without enough vocal support. And that’s OK, it’s a beautiful song even without that.I recorded the parts for the song in the BOX here on this page —>

It’s just a shame that we don’t have more of you ministry regulars here for this to support the choir. We had about 12 ministry regulars singing with 25 others last night. We have 32 vocals who sing just in the Contemporary services, so that imbalance is always disappointing to me.

Here’s what I get for leaving my phone on the music stand during the break last night:

IMG_0700 IMG_0697 IMG_0705 IMG_0702


One thought on “Christmas Service this Sunday!

  1. Rob

    I was just sitting there contemplating the tenor part on O Little Town of Bethlehem when these hooligans came through and turned a pleasant rehearsal into a flying shoe circus. I couldn’t quite make out who the culprit was, but know she may be pictured here.


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