COD Nativity, the Rain Plan

IF the rain comes to the Nativity this weekend, here is our plan:

Check our COD Facebook page, our COD main website, and/or this site for info on whether it’s happening on each day.
If it’s questionable because of weather, we’ll have to make a call by 5:00pm at the very latest. I will connect with the leaders, then they will contact all their groups through email/phone if for some reason we call it off on a night.

Otherwise, if you don’t hear or see anything about cancelling, then assume we’re on! Light drizzle will not necessarily make us cancel. Steady downpours will.

If things change DURING the evening’s performances, we’ll just have to wait it out and play it by ear, and watch the weather reports.

Thanks for your flexibility and understanding! Pray that God will allow us to present this gospel story as many times as possible!

COD Main Site —

COD Facebook page —


One thought on “COD Nativity, the Rain Plan

  1. wendy le

    i’ve become a light weight… shedding tears over a story i’ve heard countless times and songs i’ve known so well. thank you COD for introducing Christmas to my family in such a meaningful and memorable way.


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