Fall Worship Focus review

The Focus lunch is underway inside the worship center

On Sunday the 16 of September we had about 50 from our ministry gather for lunch, good reminders on worship and small group discussion. Co, along with a team of helpers, provided the lunch. It was a great and casual way to reconnect. Aside from the Annual Ministry Dinner in May, it’s about the only time we all get to meet and eat!

Dr. Ron Allen stayed after services and ate with us as well, along with Ed and Judy U. Dr. Allen took the stage along with Ed and Tom, and elaborated on a handful of questions and comments from Tom, centered around the book Worship: Rediscovering the Missing Jewel, which Dr. Allen wrote thirty years ago. It was timely, valuable and insightful. We followed with worship led by Tom, Co, Dave P, Michael R and Dave C.

Discussion group in the prep room

We then settled into five smaller groups that spent some time following up on the Allen discussion. Some groups strayed from the talking points (!and you know who you are!) but it was great to have so many in our ministry engaging in real life worship topics. Thanks to all who led the groups, and for everyone who set aside time on a warm Sunday afternoon to come and be a part of it. What a privilege to be involved in this dynamic worship community! In our next post I’ll let you in on some of the feedback from these groups.

Discussion group led by Rob, in the cool of the main room


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