May 3 Ministry Dinner coming!

One week from tonight is our Annual Ministry Dinner @the Spaghetti Factory in Duarte, 6:30pm. Have you given us your RSVP yet? Please let us know this week, we want to be sure to have room for everyone! 9./person, tell us if you want meat or marinara sauce with your spaghetti. It’s our opportunity to say thanks to all of you who serve faithfully in this worship ministry. There will be a few annual awards given out of course, and perhaps it’s time to retire another song in the CONT services. Still considering that. It’s going to be another memorable evening together!

Some highlights from last year:

The music room is filling up as people arrive

Fred and Frank are sure happy to be there!

Conversation continues as dinner is served

Carolyn had prepared a few words before handing off her award. Classy. Take note, future presenters!

Al S hands off the Folgers Award to Cheryl for 2011. Who will get the award for 'brilliant once coffee is involved' this year?

Steffani hands off the Spaghetti Award 'one who easily intertwines with others' to Lauren. Who will be this years' winner?

Karen receives the Great Jacket of Respect, and gives her acceptance speech. She has worn it proudly this year; who will be worthy of it this time?

Colleen is crowned the Queen of Percussion in ceremony for 2011. Will we see a new King or Queen next week, or will she serve a second term?

My son Owen with a few awards. Dreaming of the day he can win them!

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