Al’s Final Sunday

Al playing on the team in 2011, typically joyful

Our longtime friend and fellow worshipper Al S is leaving after this month, along with Viv and Rocky, for the peachy state of Georgia! So this coming Sunday March 25 will be his last in playing with us. This post, and page, is a great place for us to convey our thanks and good prayers for them. We knew that a card couldn’t be enough for everyone, so please take a moment and comment here for Al.

Thanks Al for your years of faithful service to our worship community! You’ve contributed so much to our growth as a healthy church of worshippers. I’m grateful for your friendship, your honesty and sacrifice with a joyful heart. We will miss you.

Al playing in the pit, 2005, along with a much younger Michael.


20 thoughts on “Al’s Final Sunday

  1. Michael Robinson

    Al is the most rockinest Old guy with sharp musical skills and a sincere love of the Lord.
    Al, I will miss accompanying you, hanging out with you and being wowed by your guitar talents. I guess I will have to take all the solos now 😉
    I love you Al; may Georgia appreciate what it’s receiving!

  2. Greg Demonteverde

    Al, Your joyous skillful play and rockin’ riffs will be sorely missed!! May God bless and guide you, Vivian and Rocky in Georgia. All the best paisan!!! Greg & Sue

  3. Mike Bock

    Al, I am going to miss you and your family. It is going to be quite strange not seeing you around anymore. I have really enjoyed your friendship over the years. Your joy for music and playing is truely an inspiration. I am glad you finally saw the light and bought a Tele. You will need it down south. Hope you guys can make it out for visits every now and then. Take care my friend. God Bless.

  4. Brian Lammey

    Al, I will miss you and the opportunities we shared serving in worship. I want to really thank you for all the encouragement that you gave me. I always noticed you had a faithful attitude, that encouraged me the most, Thank you. May God bless you in Georgia and I will keep you and your family in prayer.

  5. SPKarenO

    Al –
    So sad to see you leave our community, there will be a space left empty when you’ve gone; both in the second row and in the music ministry.
    So excited to see what God does with and through you in Georgia! As long as I can remember you’ve been rockin’ the riffs during worship and practice in boots; and I’m going to miss that!
    Take with you {along with your wife’s yummy confectionery skills}, our love and respect and sincere wishes for God’s blessings on you in Georgia.
    much love, Karen

  6. Steffani Platt

    Sagg! I even know where to start. Fom the days in Wild Branches playing the LA Marathon, to the worship team, to HUB group, we’ve shared a lot of sweet memories with you and Viv. You have blessed us with your friendship, your music, your hugs, your humor, and your wisdom. Of course we’ll be in touch, but just a quick note to say how much you will be missed. Worship will be different without those bluesy riffs and chord progressions. I know the Spanish ministry will miss you greatly as well. You are seriously the coolest ‘old guy rocker’ I’ve ever known! You are special in our hearts and we love you. Like I said before, we will of course be in touch. Mwah!

    Splatt 🙂

  7. Shawn Winters

    I’m really going to miss you, Al. It’s been a privilege playing with you, and an even bigger privilege naming you as a friend. I love you.


  8. Sheli Harmeyer

    I am very happy for your opprotunities in Georgia, but am sad you and Vivian arel eaving.We will miss those great solos,Al and all the wonderfulgoodies Vivian makes. But best Wishes in your new location.

    Sheli Harmeyer

  9. Colleen

    It’s hard to convey how very special you are Al. We will miss you, your friendship & your guitar!

  10. Don Davis

    Al thanks for all the JOY you have given to those here your music. God Bless you and Vivian in your new home.

    Don Davis

  11. John Gregorich

    Al, you are always quick to give encouragement and a smile. I have been very thankful for that. Also, you are incredibly generous with your talents and your stuff! Thanks for all the fun times playing together. Praying that God would encourage you and your family in this new place. We will miss you brother!

    John G

  12. Donna Davis

    Al and Vivian. It has been a real joy and honor getting to know your family. I will miss seeing Al in the worship band, as he truly loves what he does, and it shows! I will miss seeing Viv and Rocky sitting several rows in front of me and visiting with you on Sunday mornings. Please know that I will continue to pray for your family, and Vivian, anytime you need me to pray for you or with you, please call, as you know my number. May your journey ahead be a blessed one as you set out on this new adventure with your family. Love to you all, Donna

  13. Debra

    God bless you and yours as you begin this next chapter in your life. I will miss so much your quick smile, honesty, and amazing guitar playing. It has been such a joy to serve in worship with a fellow “old rocker”! I look forward to singing with your band in the future!!!
    Love you!

  14. David Collett

    I am so happy to know you–you are such an awesome guy. I am going to miss you, pal. You are so encouraging to me, and I have great respect for you. Your love and knowledge of the guitar inspires me to want to play. God bless you and your family.
    Dave Collett

  15. Gonzalo L. Rocha

    There are people that in our lives that the Lord lend us for a little while to be there for us to share, to give of themselves and impart their God given talents and make a difference in the way we offer our own talents as we worship our Gracious and Mercy full God. You have have touch our Spanish Worship Team and our Spanish Little Church with the joy that reflects a true servant of the Lord
    You and Vivian and Rocky have become a part of our own family. I know that Guitar will continue to
    sound the songs of worship and adoration to our God wherever you may go. Our Prayers will follow you for the rest of time until we meet again.

    So Long Partner. Happy trails to you. El Señor te Bendiga a Ti Y a Tu Familia

  16. Amanda

    Al, it was such a blessing to worship with you on Sunday. I got caught up listening to your talented way of expressing praise to our savior. You will be missed.

  17. Al Sagginario

    It’s taken me a while to write this because I just haven’t been able to read all of these wonderful things you have all written without getting emotional, but I’ll give it a try. When I started playing seriously at about 17 I hung around with an old Jazz guy named Louis Speigner. He is the best guitar player I’ve ever known . One day I told him “Louis, I figured out what I want to do: I want to play the Blues”. He was playing his big L-5 and said “the Blues is cool but a Jazz man tells a longer story”. I acted like I knew what he was talking about and for years wondered what he meant by telling a “longer story”. One day, just a few years ago I was running over some scales as though they were old friends and was remembering where and when they had come from and it suddenly hit me: “Louis, I have some stories”. Louis went to be with The Lord about 32 years ago. He was a believer. Learning and living your stories, taking the path that God has set before each of us can take time. Lots of time. I’m slower than most. I’m looking at all of your comments and realize that, after 10 years of serving at C.O.D. I could tell at least one story about each and every one of you. There isn’t a one of you that I do not love personally. Not one who hasn’t caused me to have JOY. Not one who hasn’t given me hope and encouragement. It wasn’t that way when I started. It was more about me and what I could do. One day I had a talk with Tom about just that. He told me that he loved me (shock) and that he thought I had a servants heart. No one ever told me the later before. I was humbled. He explained that we play to an audience of One and that we are like waiters in the greatest restaurant in the world and that we get to give away the greatest food in the world for FREE! That was exciting! From that day on my joy grew as I realized that serving God’s Children was so much more fulfilling than playing anywhere else for anyone else could ever be. And so much more than just playing guitar. Sunday morning became the best part of my week. It has been my joy to serve Gods people with you, praising our Savior, getting people’s hearts ready to hear Pastor Ed’s amazing sermons. It has been my joy and honor to know you all and I can’t say good by. So I will say what old “Jesus Movement” guys like me used to say: See you there or in the air.

    1. Sheli Harmeyer

      I was so bummed about NOT getting to say good-bye to you on your last Sunday at COD!!! I had to hussle the kids off to meet their grandma who was picking them up to attend a puppet show. Thanks for thinking of me, though. Thanks for sharing your heart and your talents with us. God will definitely say to you,”well done, my good and faithful servant.” Continue to serve Him well in GA. But we will still miss you here,so keep in touch with us. Blessingsto you all,
      Sheli H.


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