Mr Myles

It was great to see Mr. David Myles sharing his gift of lyric with our congregation this past Sunday morning! Way to go David. Inspiring to our worship, and sure pleasing to God to hear the truth from His Word laid out like that. This is not coming from someone who’s brought in just for his talent, this is a man who is a HUB leader and a student of God’s Word, a loving leader of his family, and a connected part of COD for over ten years. These are the kind of people who serve in this ministry, and we are tremendously blessed for it!

3 thoughts on “Mr Myles

    1. codworship Post author

      Yeah the last one at the end was a work in progress so we didn’t get to put up the lyrics. Next time he sings it we’ll be able to.

  1. SPKarenO

    I loved being able to share with “newer” CODer’s who thought it was wonderful, that these are David’s lyrics and just what a privilege it is to have him on the worship team! It’s like sharing a slice of COD history!


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