This Year’s Word?

Sunday is our annual Fall Worship Focus. Lunch will be provided for you all after services on the back patio of the Worship Center. Don’t bring your instruments, or anything else, just be there. Last year our word of the day/season was Preparation! Thoughts on what I expect from our teams in preparation for worship, the difference between ‘winging it’ and being better prepped, and the importance of preparing for others and not just for yourself. Here’s something important I remember saying:

Don’t blow off rehearsal because you think you might be able to catch up on Sunday – it’s a sign of a healthy ministry when people who come to rehearsal do so for others and not just for themselves.

We need each other in order to prepare to lead; the Spirit of God can’t use us in the lives of others when we’re not around. When you come to the realization that it’s not just about the music, you’re on the right track in this ministry!

I know, we’re so counter-culture. Give thanks for our diverse and healthy ministry, and never take it for granted.

So what will this year’s word be? Come to the Focus and find out Sunday. It also starts with a P – !

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