You Heart Man Choir

I know, and thank you all for being so supportive of this Men’s Vocal Group that sang last Sunday morning in worship! There is something special about a group of men singing four part harmony. I’m glad we could do it, and know that there’s more who could sing as well. It worked for the patriotic element of our worship, as nothing else could, and was particularly encouraging in our combined worship setting. Hope we can do that again next summer too!

I know some of you are thinking that we should do that again soon. When do you think it could work just as well as that past Sunday? I think the men would be happy to sing again.

I heard there were clips of last Sunday’s singing on Facebook floating somewhere. Maybe they’ll show up on the COD main site for the rest of you to relive it. Since I am not a FBer, I’ll keep the great memory of it inside and look forward to the next one.


3 thoughts on “You Heart Man Choir

    1. codworship Post author

      thanks for that Karen, and for sending me God of Our Fathers. I remember now seeing you take pics Sunday am. Sorry you did not float the camera view over to the horns cause they did a great job too!

  1. John G

    You could for sure do it as an offertory special music. I think people would be into it. I know I would.


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