Vocal, Band Tuneups

Added to the calendar this past week are tuneup sessions for both Contemporary vocals and band members this summer. What exactly is a tuneup? Um, it’s kind of like a workshop without all the learning & note taking, or a retreat without much retreat-ing, maybe. It’s just a couple of hours for all involved to get together and sing/play through newer material, and come together as partners in ministry. It’s a good opportunity also for new people who are interested in joining in to get acquainted with who we are and how we serve.

VOCAL TUNEUP is now Thursday June 9 at 7pm in the Prep Room. Everyone who sings at the 11am service is expected to participate; come and sing!

BAND TUNEUP is planned for Thursday July 7 at 7pm on the Worship Center stage. All 11am band members are expected, including those who are new or don’t get to play much! We just want to interact and play a lot, and focus again on creative arrangements that may enhance worship.

There will be a Fall Worship Focus again this coming September as well, so plan ahead for Sunday Sept. 25 after services to have lunch together and spend some time in worship and discussion about ministry.

Hope to see many of you next week at the ministry dinner!


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