Easter Weekend and Beyond

It’s already a week since we remembered Good Friday together in worship, and although my mind is turned toward this coming Sunday I am still in awe and gratitude for Easter Weekend! I’m so grateful for the many of you who served Friday and Sunday. It’s true that we did have great attendance; the most ever for Good Friday, and Sunday alone was nearly 1000 worshippers. But what I rejoice in was the way our community embraced simplicity in worship, and the unity that brought us together seemed to have great weight with our many guests. Thanks to Mark and James and the whole Media team that supported us, and to Brian B whose painting (2 sides!) was a great inspiration.

How did the Easter weekend impact you? You should share that with the others here.

Now my curiosity is to see how the spirit of Eastertime worship carries into our coming Sunday! It would be so gratifying to continue longer on this path of praise following Christ’s resurrection with a re-energized community filled with new believers (at least 7 from Sunday) and renewed followers of Christ. Let’s find out, and bring our songs to the Worthy One together.


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