Sunday Feb 27 songs

We sang a couple of songs in worship last Sunday that are worth mentioning again, as a number of you have asked me about them. Sometimes, as last week, people will ask where they can get a copy of something we’ve sung, sometimes even visitors ask. I always direct them to the music table in the Prep Room (if I don’t have a copy with me in hand, and I rarely do anymore since I’ve gone sans music). You can do the same, it’s convenient to have the music right there not only for the worship team, but for any others who are curious.

Expectation is a song from a 2009 worship CD from Integrity Music called Wash Away. Worship is led by Don Poythress, worship leader and songwriter from – you guessed it! – Nashville TN, and this is one of his songs. Michael R thinks our band sounds better than theirs on this song. You be the judge.

Grace Like Rain from Christian music artist Todd Agnew is the song we sang after the message, with my own piano stylings in the lower register. The song comes from His CD Grace Like Rain. Though we didn’t play it like that, and I added the other popular verses from Amazing Grace so that we could sing them too and build back to the chorus. I heard that it was a bit of a ‘dirge’ – guess it wasn’t exciting for some, maybe in the way that Amazing Grace should or could be sung in a more traditional way. I get that, but it wasn’t our intent. I felt the participation was strong and heartfelt, and I felt that from the piano, which is a more difficult place for me to gauge something like that.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Feb 27 songs

  1. SPKarenO

    Having purchased, and listened non-stop since Sunday like it was a tween idol single , IMs version of Expectation, Michael is surprisingly correct, our band sounded better than theirs. Which isn’t really surprising at all.

    And dirge or not, I absolutely loved what you did with Grace Like Rain, and that’s not surprising at all.

  2. James Collett

    I love both songs. I think the tricky part with “Grace Like Rain” is it is a powerful song, but is nevertheless still sort of subdued… thus it’s easy for it to “drag” or otherwise lack in feeling. Do I think we pulled it off on Sunday? Yes… personally, I not only enjoyed it but I was able to focus on my OWN worship–something that I often struggle with when I’m a part of a worship team. If people don’t like it then they just don’t know good pedal steel music, do they? 😉 Only kidding of course.
    More so, I loved “Expectation”! I always love a song where I can play more traditional “Country” licks without sounding out of place; not only that, but it serves a great purpose as one of those “welcome, let’s settle into the service” kind of songs. Not that there aren’t already plenty of those, but this one just rocked! 🙂 Furthermore, the longer I am involved in the worship ministries at COD, the more I find that simple songs tend to be the most effective in terms of putting everything else aside and focusing one’s mind on worshiping. I think this song fits that category: simple yet functional. After all, worship is the attitude and lifestyle–the music is just the assistance to that point.

    Sorry… I’m done ranting now 🙂 Thanks Tom for letting me play on Sunday, as well as for all the work, time, and energies you put into leading our congregation–I know we all appreciate it!


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