For the King

This post is for Michael, the current reigning King of Percussion, who subscribes to this RSS feed and reads regularly. Since he’s become a father he has quickly regained his fine percussive form and will be displaying his royal technique this Sunday with our worship band. Our worship band which has a hard time all fitting on the stage this Sunday. Nice!

It was good rehearsing last night, minus the odd sound issues, and the fact that four of our singers were MIA. One texted working late (two actually if you count the band member too), one had a conflict with rehearsal and I had to resked for March, one texted home sick, and one was just missing. Michael of course had some good ideas, as usual, but John kept telling him “hey it’s not your birthday, you can’t just do whatever you want”. But the King is not deterred. Sometimes there’s dissension even in the Court.

I’m glad that many of you have been using and downloading things from the BOX on this site — it’s a great tool for helping you all prepare to serve. I can tell the difference. I can also see the improvement in the overall comfort of the band (a Sweet Comfort?) since we’ve been meeting at 9:00am. I know it’s earlier and it takes some getting used to for those Folgers Award Winners who are trying to function without much coffee, but it really seems to give us more confidence and it shows in worship, I think anyway. We have coffee in the Prep Room (either I make it or some other desperate soul covers it) plus now we have great coffee just around the corner in the kitchen, so stop your crying and show up on time people!! ha ha. kidding. mostly.

Be sure to pay your respects to the King this Sunday. He may not be wearing the crown but you’ll recognize him, he’s the one sitting on the Royal Purple Throne.


3 thoughts on “For the King

  1. Michael Robinson

    Thanks for the post; the problems in the Court will be solved when the former KOP, Bill, is back. Once a King, you support all Court decisions. John the Jester will be dealt with accordingly!

  2. Michael Robinson

    After listening to “Expectation” I like the way that drummer (probably not a King though) plays the verses with the toms, and I shall copy that on Sunday for the 1st verse. Also, we are better than the recording (not to judge, but just to holla at the greatness of the team this week). This would be a good song (maybe better) played slow too. But I also think that with some time I could remix most of the songs we play =) But, it’s not my birthday, so I shall refrain from thinking of that further.

  3. John G

    More coffee is welcome… also, Michael, you can’t post whatever you want because its not you birthday :).

    However, Michael, I will pay my respects.


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