Prayers Answered

Sunday night the 30th we had our annual Annual Meeting, where about 200 gathered to hear about God’s provision in 2010 and what we expect in the coming year. Also Colin shared some significant answers to prayers from the past year that glorified God in tremendous and surprising ways. His attention to detail in God’s answers always inspires me.

So I was also inspired, and needed to share with you in this post, that God answered our prayers before worship on Sunday morning, as He so often does. We prayed for unity in our worship, that we would see both kids and adults worshipping together and that joy would be in this place, and that people would be unencumbered and not self-aware when worshipping. Thanks to God for answering those! We pray before serving cause we think it’s right to do it, and/or it brings us to a focus before we start, and/or it makes us quiet down. But it is never trivial to ask God for anything, and I have learned to expect more and more from our God who loves to receive our worship. So we pray, and He responds. Do you expect to actually see the things you pray for on a Sunday morning? I hope so.

It seemed like there was a lot of people there Sunday. Maybe because I was at the piano and can’t really tell. But the numbers we got back indicate it was close to 500 people just in that 11am service. I know it includes Lords Lab kids but unlike other certain staff members, I count the kids too – ! It was a good Sunday for unity.

2 thoughts on “Prayers Answered

  1. Rob

    Great post – As we were singing, Lauren whispered in my ear, “I want to raise my hand, but I’m afraid people will laugh at me.” I responded that there were other people who were doing that and no one was laughing at them. Plus, when you are singing praises to God, you can do whatever you want in your worship of Him.

    She didn’t do it right away, but eventually she raised her hand as we were singing. That’s got to be unencumbered praise, right?

    BTW – it was Jan 30, not Jan 23…

    1. codworship Post author

      thanks Rob, that’s encouraging. and I’m glad for your correction, I fixed it I think. my head is in the middle of Feb right now!


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