New Songs Last Sunday

There were two new songs from last Sunday’s worship that you’ve asked about, and here’s the info:

OUR GOD, from Matt Redman & Chris Tomlin (& a couple of others too), is from Chris’ newest CD And If Our God is For Us. Matt Redman basically wrote the chorus and the verse, and the others wrote the rest. See them talk about it here:

I have had a few requests for this last fall and last week was a good time to bring it in. We’ll sing it again on Feb 13 on the opening Sunday of our Missions Conference.

ONLY JESUS was written by a guy named Doug Plank and featured on a Sovereign Grace Worship CD called Valley of Vision, from a few years back. It’s one of my favorites from that CD for its content and focus on Christ alone. We will sing this again this coming Sunday the 16th.


One thought on “New Songs Last Sunday

  1. SPKarenO

    Really enjoyed learning those two and singing them – wish I could have stayed for the whole service, but God had other things planned for me.
    Both songs get two thumbs up from me – for what that’s worth!


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