Post Nativity washout

We’re all disappointed to see this years’ Nativity washed away, no doubt about that. All the groups had prepared well – in fact, rehearsals were fun and seemed to connect people together in a new way, and I was grateful for that.

Sometimes we spend time in Sunday rehearsal on a worship song and feel really good about it, only to have it cut out at the end because of circumstance. I always end up telling the team that it seems the song was only meant for us! Well this is how this years’ Nativity turned out; it was all in the journey we all took to prepare it, and it ended up being ours to enjoy. You see the pics of the Singers in last week’s post? That’s your nativity program for 2010!! Sad, but it really was fun for us this year. And for all the groups involved (Singers, Carolers and our Handbell Group), we feel we’ve got a big head start on preparations for next year, and that’s going to help a lot come next fall…!

Our Christmas Services (yes we needed two) yesterday were special. Maybe it had something to do with the Great Washout, maybe it was the strong sense of community, maybe it was the double choir — but worship felt genuine and heartfelt. Worship in English and Spanish (and a bit of Canadian!). Another classic Advent poem from Colin. Honest words from Ed. A brief reminder of the wealth of community here from Dave. And all 50+ performers involved giving their entire morning to serve in worship as one. Nothing like it!! Thanks to all of you who served and made this Christmas one to remember for a good long while. I know you all are going to look back at this Christmas season and remember it fondly, cherish it and do not take it for granted. I will not.

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