Nativity Update #3 etc.

Tonight begins the second half of rehearsal prep for Nativity, with the Singers rehearsing for a couple of hours on the songs that will accompany the story. It’s going to get more focused, and we’ll see it all come together just as it always does. . . ! Carolers rehearse again this coming Sunday after services, and if we can have all of them there these next two Sundays we’ll make good progress.

The walls for the Nativity are going up on campus, you may have already noticed that. It may seem early to you but it does help us prepare for all the logistics involved. It’s a very real reminder that it’s coming quickly! Seems that we have a number of volunteers this season, that will be a huge help in making this Christmastime outreach a great success. It’s really a team effort from a lot of people in a number of ministries, and that’s something that sets this event apart from typical “Christmas Programs” churches focus on. It’s not a concert that the Music Dept. puts on alone; it’s an outreach that about a hundred people or more work together toward for the purpose of remembering the birth of Christ and sharing His impact with our local community. The fact that the whole COD community gets behind it, rather than relying on one ministry to put on a “show’ is testimony to the health and focus of ministry at COD! I’m grateful, and humbled.

Worship Team for Sunday Nov 28 2010

Last Sunday we had a great team once again leading worship! And it was Co’s birthday too. Attendance was sure down and it seemed the pulse of the congregation was a bit harder to find (!) but it was there, and it was good to give thanks for all God has done and to include the Lords Table in that. I appreciated the honesty that both Greg L and Richard F brought to the elements before we took them. We had to cut the final song (again!) because of time but ending strong with Jesus Paid it All is always a good choice.

Happy BDay to our good friend and pianist for over 13 years!


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