Nativity update #2

Last night was our first rehearsal for the Nativity, a good start with wonderful singers & Colleen and I. It’s always a bit suprising when you find yourself actually singing the words to Silent Night and Hark! and realize you’re this close to Christmas!!

The first Caroling rehearsal is two Sundays away still. We could still use 1-2 more altos and another male vocal. I am looking forward to being more personally involved in rehearsals this time around, caroling is close to my heart and I know from last year how important this group is to the Nativity experience.

Handbells are something we’re planning to add to this Caroling group, and Suzanne P is leading them. We have two players and need two more. Is this something you’d like to do?? It’s simple and fun and effective. Let Suzanne or I know sometime this week. Their rehearsals coincide with the Carolers, which will be Sundays after church on Nov 14, 21 and Dec 5, 12.


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