Nativity 2010 update #1

Here comes Christmas — starting to come into view, anyway! Here’s what we have for Nativity this season, and our immediate needs:

The Nativity scene will again be accompanied, this time by two small groups made up from one, singing and playing the same material each time, accomp. by guitar and keys and the occasional percussion. We have 3 sopranos, 3 altos and 2 tenors, plus Greg and I, to split into two groups. We could use another alto, and maybe soprano. Good reading ability required, this material is familiar but a bit challenging. Rehearsals begin Monday Nov. 1.

The Worship Center foyer will again have Carolers greeting the guests throughout the evening each night, two smaller groups this time, acapella with occasional handbell accompianment. Judy C and Andy H will each lead a group, and I will be rehearsing them on some Sundays after church starting Nov. 14. We have six singers confirmed and could use 6 more — two sopranos, two altos and two more men. The familiar Christmas carols are all SAB (one part for the men) and all singers should be able to read and be comfortable with their part – they’re using books, no memorization! ALSO two more handbell players would be nice, Suzanne P is leading this group also at Sunday rehearsals.

There will be a Christmas Choir at services on Sunday December 19 (9 and 11am), with one rehearsal on Thursday Dec 16. All are invited, and as usual ministry singers are expected to attend.


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