On Retiring

Not me. The songs we sing. I came across this post last month, and have been wanting to put it here for you all since then.

When Should a Worship Song Be Retired?

Seems we’re not the only ones to retire songs, and it looks like some others have thought through this a whole lot more than we have as well – !

What do you think? I was asked a handful of times at the last Ministry Dinner when the next retired song would go down in glory. I’ve felt lately that since there are so many more songs to choose from these past few years, and many that work so well with our congregation, that I haven’t really felt the need to retire anything at this time. That will surely change, but it’s how I’ve felt this past year.


One thought on “On Retiring

  1. SPKarenO

    Bring on the retirement party – for songs of course!!

    The worship team a few weeks ago with Greg talked about how long it’s been since we retired a song.

    I read through that article, lots of good stuff in there, but what struck me, was that his church introduces 18 new songs a year. Is that a lot? It sounds like a lot.

    Again, I’d like to tell you how much I enjoyed worship Sunday morning. Though I love our band and worship team, it’s nice to know that God is just as much present with just one voice and acoustic guitar leading us in worship! AMEN!


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