I know it’s the end of July, so shouldn’t it be hotter? Not that I mind. This afternoon breeze makes you stop in your tracks, then walk slower. Enjoy it everyone, I’m sure that we have not seen the best that summer will offer yet.

The past few weeks, for most of the summer really, I have enjoyed watching others lead worship, either alongside me or from the congregation. It’s been refreshing. Spending some time with a few of our worship leaders has been inspiring for me, more than ever. It is great to see God working through these men, really molding them and challenging them and building their hearts for congregational worship! It is harder than it looks, they would each tell you! But I have been very impressed, and am grateful. Our own Greg D will be leading for two Sundays in a row after I lead this weekend, when I go on our actual vacation (you may argue that I have already been on vacation seems like, but I really have been working…!).

Two weeks ago I went to a church music conference in Westwood, and took Tyler W along with me to learn more about others’ CM experiences and what challenges there are in the world of worship where tradition collides with modern worship philosophies.

Last Sunday morning, early, I went to another local church and not only worshipped with them but got to sit in on their rehearsal before the service (with permission from their worship leader). He suggested that they might be intimidated a bit, and I agreed, but he let me do it anyway. I am always curious and open to learning new things, and though it was unusual (!) it really does help me gain perspective. So I’m glad they let me. My hope was just to be encouraging, and submit that we’re all in one community of faith as worshippers. I tried not to ask any stupid musical questions or compare techniques or song selection, I just wanted to connect and show solidarity with their worship leader.

Then I came back on campus and worshipped in the Traditional Service before observing rehearsal for the 11am service. So you see, I am still working even when I’m not leading. Which is something my sweet wife would say I should try not to do!

This Sunday morning I am leading at 11am. I know it’s my job but honestly that’s when I feel like I am working the least! Serving with you all is truly a joy to me.


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