Staying Connected

A few people have told me recently that I don’t blog nearly enough. Yeah I guess that’s true. I am also not on Facebook (or more accurately, an ex-FBer), and have not yet found a reason to Twitter. I do love this community of worshippers though, of which you are a part of since you’re reading this! And from time to time you should know what I’m up to on a typical day during the week.

This Thursday morning I had an early breakfast with another worship leader from a local church here in Glendora. We were meeting for the first time, and both have a desire to connect with other local leaders, so it was mutually encouraging. He has his own hurdles to cross, mostly because of his relative newness to the position. I was impressed with his desire to serve in areas that were not necessarily his strength, for the sake of the church and their felt needs. He’s trying to build trust, no small task when you’re a stranger coming in, and I have been there a number of times before. I think he is doing some good things, and really has a heart for others to worship there.

I had met with another local worship leader a week or more ago who is dealing with some serious issues of mistrust and misunderstanding. He’s going through some worship style wars that I am very familiar with. And I do not envy him – it’s going to take some time to sail through that malestrom!

Later in the afternoon on Thursday I got a call from Laura in the front office asking if I would see this guy who’s come to ask some questions of the worship pastor. Uh oh. But I said ‘sure’ and ‘send him on over’! This was a young man who’s interning in worship at another local church and trying to finish some kind of program they have him doing which involves interviewing other worship leaders. OK then. Fortunately (for him, maybe) I was in, as I usually am on Thursday afternoons. He said he’d just come from two other churches where no one was there to talk to. Slackers. Anyway, the questions were like this: how long have you been involved in the ministry of worship (30 years, and don’t look at me like I’m so old)? what would you say has been your greatest joy? your worst disappointment(answers censored here)? what questions do you wish you were asked when you first started in ministry (my convictions on theology & leadership, rather than what was my favorite song or style)? what do you know now that you didn’t know when you started (music itself is so less important than I thought it was, it is much more a tool to serve others and build community)? So that was a half hour or more I did not expect to spend with a would-be worship leader. But I am grateful to be used by God in that way, and particularly thankful lately that I can connect with other leaders. It sheds a tremendously warm light on our own ministry here and my great privilege to shepherd it!!

There are things related to these topics that I spent last Saturday morning speaking on at a Team Leaders Summit meeting at COD — I’m saving those things for our next Worship Retreat in the fall.


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