Biola Chorale this Sunday Night

Come if you can this Sunday night to hear the Biola Chorale perform at COD, a 5:30pm free concert in the Worship Center. This group is hosted by our Ministry, so show your support!

Our own Tyler W is a 2nd year member of the Chorale. I am a Biola grad, as most of you know, and though I’m not really unbiased, I am sure this will be deeply musical and worshipful, and am looking forward to them coming.

Yes, I was once Chorale president, and a Student Director, and Chorale is where I met my lovely wife. Like I said, not really unbiased. They really are good just the same! Worship concerts in our area, Special events at Biola, plus appearances at Disney Burbank (singing for Roy Disney’s memorial) and Carnegie Hall (premiering new works of noted composer Eric Whitacre) have made this a memorable year for them.

Julie and I sang at the Crystal Cathedral one year with the Chorale. that was an experience. if it ever shows up on youtube you’ll laugh out loud…!


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