Memorable Sunday

For me it was a memorable Sunday morning, not only leading this worshiping congregation with another great vocal team and band, but having the privilege of baptising my son Justin in the midst of it all. He is an exceptional young man who is about to tread the rough waters of junior high (!) and to see him want to show others his faith in Christ at this stage of life is a thrill for Julie and I! I’m very proud of him.

I was so grateful at how simple others made it for me to do this. Greg’s able leadership alllowed me to step aside and change gears as he led the congregation in response with the familiar You Are My King. Greg and Rob are both serving as deacons in our Contemporary worship ministry this year, and our community are well accustomed to their leading. I know this would threaten other music leaders in a handful of ways, but believe me when I say it’s a great comfort to me, as Sunday showed! I am only happy, and grateful, when I get to see them lead. When I got back to the other baptism-ready folk (?) they had a blue smurf suit ready for me! and I still had plenty to time to prepare and get to hear the others being baptized. I was able to enjoy a few moments with my family right afterward as well, so nice to not have to rush back to anything onstage:

Thank you COD family for allowing me to be fully present in this moment with Justin!


3 thoughts on “Memorable Sunday

  1. Karen

    What a precious moment, glad I was there to witness it!!

    We all thought it would have been just fine for you to wrap a towel around you and rock that blue suit on stage for the last part of worship.

    Ah well, maybe next time.

  2. Carol Loumagne

    I’m so sorry I wasn’t there but so happy for you all.
    Glad that the morning went well, that you could count on others so that you could be part of the baptism with Justin.
    What a great thing!
    Love the picture.

  3. Greg

    What a wonderful milestone for Justin!! Congratulations!
    It is a priviledge to witness and to share with joy the outpouring of His matchless grace on those we love and serve alongside with!!


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