This Wet Weekend

Had enough rain yet?

This weekend in worship at COD starts at 9:00am, when Greg and the 11am worship team gathers in the Prep Room to begin  rehearsing for the Contemporary service – earlier than usual since the Thursday rehearsal was cancelled due to downpours! As that’s happening, the Traditional service team is already singing through the hymns for the morning over at the Valley Room. At 9:30am that service begins, and the Prayer & Worship hour is starting over in the Music Room (U30). Tom is leading the small group worship there, as Jose G lead the group in prayer for the 9:30 service, breakthrough prayers and other pertinent COD prayers, including your music ministry requests. Come and pray if you’re available!

By 10:00am the CONT team is on stage working through the worship songs with all of the media support, and at 11:00am the service is beginning, with prelude music moving into the rest of the service order. Of course many people usually are still outside the main room, but maybe with this inclement weather they will find their way through the lobby and into worship. (side note: pray that more people will find value in preparing their hearts for worship through our prelude moments!)

Later in the day, many of our community are gathering at the Valley Room for a focused time of prayer (some have fasted all day for this) and worship around the Lord’s Table at 5:30pm. Colin, Ed, Dave A and others lead the prayers, and Tom leads a few songs from the piano during the communion time. This first prayer meeting of the year should be well attended and powerful, make plans to join us for this sweet hour of prayer.

God has shown us a glimpse of His majestic hand in providing all this rainfall for our part of the world! I’m hoping this means a lift in the water rationing here in Glendora cause I can never water my lawn when I’m supposed to. I enjoy watching it pour from indoors, and think about and pray for those of you who I know have to be outside and work, like Bill C. It’s refreshing though, and knowing SoCal this too will pass soon, and we’ll get back to sunshine and 70’s…!

See you on Sunday, it’ll be another eventful day of worship on this Hillside.



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