Hello to 2010

Twenty Ten, that’s how they say we should pronounce the new year. And so begins the next decade, new ways of speaking! Maybe this is a good sign for some real fresh starts this coming year, maybe some actual “improvements” on things we’re already familiar with.

Familiarity is what I actually enjoyed in last Sunday’s worship. I spent some time preparing and leading the Traditional team first, and singing Holy, Holy, Holy is always a joy to me in starting the new year. It’s a pleasure to join them in familiar hymns. Sometimes singers will ask me how to improve their sight reading and singing, and I don’t know of many better ways than to get to singing from the hymnal. Even if you want a way to quickly warm up on a Sunday, get over to the Valley Room at 9:30 and join in – it’s worship with the family of believers and a vocal workout combined, the way it’s been for hundreds of years in the church!

Our 11am service was also filled with familiar song, and during the Lord’s Table remembrance I sang two well known hymns of faith. One of the singers said during rehearsal, “I love it when I know all of the songs!“. That’s how I felt too. Of course without a Thursday rehearsal, that’s how it’s planned, but it reminded me of what joy there is in the familiar, and the freedom it gives us as worshipers in expression. Last Sunday morning gave me some direction for the coming year of worship for COD.


One thought on “Hello to 2010

  1. wendy

    few years ago when i returned to the Lord as a stray i was unfamiliar with virtually ALL of the contemporary songs, and frankly, enjoyed traditional service more than the 11am. i prayed for familiarity and God responded in a HUGE WAY by giving even me the honor to play. with each rehearsal many of these songs new to me would ring in my head all week long.


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