Goodbye to 2009

This week we’ll say Goodbye to 2009 and Hello to 2010. It’s another short week at the offices of COD, and we’re trying today to get everything ready for the coming Sunday. Last Sunday morning we had another combined service together, and I appreciated seeing everyone together as we worshiped, and visiting with many afterwards. Thanks to each of you who serve and sacrifice for the sake of the call in this ministry. I am grateful, and look forward to working alongside you again this coming year…!

So what to do we call 2010? 08 and 09 were easy; 10 just doesn’t sound right, does it? And it’s the beginning of a new decade too. What will history call the last decade? The 00’s? The Single Digits? I’m not sure what to call it. And it’s obviously bugging me at the moment.

BTW last Sunday’s transition to prayer in the prep room, for those who are keeping track of these tidbits:

“Yeah — speaking of beer, let’s pray”.

Happy New Year everyone. If you make any resolutions at all, make yours drawing closer to Christ, and worshiping Him in Spirit and Truth!


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