Monday Morning Review Dec 6

From the 3rd guitar player, in the back:  Rob did a fine job leading our congregation in worship at the 11am hour! On Thursday I had realized that there was a conflict with Mike B playing on the worship team and also assisting Brian B in the Prayer/Worship hour, and since Brian sure needed his help, Mike was off the team for this weekend. I suggested to Rob that I could take his place since I had no other commitments, and he asked me to play. It seemed a good opportunity to see things from the band perspective onstage, as we’re still getting comfortable up on stage and working with monitoring options. So I got to play for a change, which was fun for me! I enjoyed having only one specific job. Plus it’s kind of funny to watch all of the singers from behind. I liked being able to communicate with the band more. Our rhythm section was great; I got to see all kinds of faces from Rod that I don’t normally see on Sundays! Michael is always calm, and is a fine bus driver. Not sure that Al liked having me right behind him, honestly, as I was probably making him self-conscious and it didn’t help that I kept calling him on his noodling and playing excesses. I am really grateful for Al and all he brings to this ministry!! We all are. But we’re also honest with each other and I know that I can be straightforward with him in rehearsal. I enjoyed playing with the band, listening to Al and trying to play off him, still hearing piano and acoustic thanks to the ear monitors, all that. We could have stretched those songs out a bit longer, they were fun to play with that group.

After the morning services it was a Christmas-rehearsal-palooza for a while. I met with Matt Mc and Robt G over in the Green Room for horn parts on the Dec 20 Combined Service, Judy worked with the Nativity Carolers in the Prep Room (and Lobby), then I met with the Nativity Acoustic Group after 1pm for a couple of hours’ work. All good progress. Tonight there’s more – Nativity Chamber Singers. They are finishing memorization on the entire program, as is the Acoustic Group. It’s just too dark outside on the Nativity Stage to ever hope to see music, and the music has to be well known. This Chamber Group is outstanding and has worked hard again this fall, even with fewer rehearsals than last year. Some of the material is the same from 08 (it helps to not have to start from scratch each year!), and the group overall I think is sounding even better. Adding the Carolers to the Lobby of the Worship Center, along with a brass ensemble led by Robert G, is going to bring a whole new level of good cheer to the event! I’m just hopeful we don’t have to deal with sound overlap between the 2 levels on campus. Guess we’ll find out next week!

Today I’m at home, relaxing on my “day off”. Obviously I’m working right now, and have been for most of the morning. And rehearsing more tonight. It’s raining pretty good today. I’m listening to Merry Christmas Andy Williams on my turntable, a classic.


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