Tuesday Afternoon Review

This time of year, Monday mornings become Tuesday afternoons in the time it takes for me to blink.

We had no rehearsal for worship last Thursday, of course, because of the Thanksgiving holiday. I try to plan for that, finding things we can pick up quickly  that will still flow well in worship.  And I think we prepped as well as we could on Sunday morning together. Some of us, particularly in the band, missed the extra time spent on Thursdays getting to know the song some before playing. I could have used some more time with the band, and felt like my playing was unsure. But overall I did feel like we were all unified as a group, and moved from song to song pretty well.

Psalm 100! Serve the Lord with gladness; come before His presence with singing! I’ve heard a number of people say what an encouraging message it was to their life. You Have Been So Good — a song that comes to my mind a lot this time of year. It’s always nice to have Colin be a part of our worship, and reading Mary’s Magnificat for the first Sunday of Advent was a nice choice. He read this in both services.

OK that’s all I got for today. Back to making copies of Christmas music!

Did anyone notice that the display case in the lobby of the Worship Center was changed? Judy C and I did that before Thanksgiving. This church has a long history of Christmas program, particularly Sunday nights before Christmas. We are not quite ready to re-create the Messiah (!), but I do think we’ve established something pretty unique in the Living Nativity. Bonus points for you if you know who was the narrator for the 1960 Messiah at COD (check the display).

Also, Rob is working out the details of this weekend’s Contemporary Service, we’ll post it in the BOX soon.


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