Friday Nov 20 Misc

A few thoughts for you on a sunny Friday:

I got to watch Greg lead the Contemporary rehearsal last night, while working out sound details (monitors etc) with Mark and Brandon, and playing along with the band. He has a way of keeping things light, not stressing over unfinished details, and listening to others that reflect Christ to me. Even when Michael has an idea (as he always does!) Greg graciously says something like “hmmmm, I don’t think so, but that is a good idea!”. And it’s hard to consider Greg as being anything but genuine in that. I appreciate his humble leadership, and laughter.

Our friend and onetime regular COD ministry member Leroy Osbourne has written us a note detailing his experience with recording along with Sade in England this past week, and his specific prayers for us to join him in. You can find this in the BOX to the right.

Sunday at the 9:30am hour we’ll be having prayers and worship again in U30, if you don’t have any commitments you should consider joining them. We are praying not only for basic needs and breakthrough prayers of the COD family, but also for specific ministry requests you’ve contributed.

Also at 9:30, another option is to come and hear the Chamber Singers lead worship in the Traditional Service. They are singing “In the Bleak Midwinter” from the upcoming Nativity program, and closing the service around 10:30am with the benediction “God Be in My Head” by John Rutter. Good choral music!

Is this weather beautiful or what. I am disappointed it’s not really sweater weather, but sure am grateful for another day on this Hillside getting to plan and pray for you all. We have another Nativity meeting this afternoon, things are moving along for this Next Big Event. And Thanksgiving is a week from yesterday! That’s when our family finally gets to break out the Christmas decor, and for the boys it means finally being able to watch their Christmas DVDs. I know the four of us are looking forward to watching ELF again…!

Call me elf, one more time.

Ooooooh, he’s an angry elf.

That’s it – !


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