Monday Morning Review Nov 15

From Thursday night, rehearsal in the Prep Room — most of the vocals were there, and a few players. A good initial run through on all the songs, simple familiar tunes. It’s almost 8pm, and Rubio says to Colleen, “wow this is probably the shortest rehearsal we’ve ever had!”. To which Co replies, “it’s not over yet. I’ve heard him say before ‘we’re almost done here’ and we’re still going an hour later.” Or something like that.

We dismissed at 8:45pm.

Sunday morning – Baptisms! The entire stage area and front reconfigured to work the massive baptismal in, we managed to work around the elephant in the room pretty well I think. Mark did a great job in figuring out the band placement & miking the baptismal. We had no electrical issues that I’m aware of (i.e. someone getting electrocuted by water). I did have to remind a couple of singers that it wasn’t a good idea to go in and test the water while holding a microphone. One of them was my wife. Thankfully they did not! Sound issues aside, we did have a decent run through, and worship went well. I did take the first 2 songs a bit slower in service than I did in rehearsal, so to me the energy that came with the start of My Redeemer Lives was welcome. That song cannot go too fast when David M is involved, he needs a slower groove to rap to. Not only did he do his thing really well, but I thought it was a great song for Lauren B to sing too. She expressed it just as I hoped she would! I thought that Al pulled off an inspired solo near the end of the song too. A great lead in to the Baptism time, it turned out. It was interesting back behind the stage, people in blue suits moving back and forth through the green ro0m to the stage steps. Norm and Patti are great shepherds for those being baptized, it’s great to see them serve in that way. I know we leaders sure appreciate that.

After all that, and the message from Matt, we were up against the 12:15 wall. So Here I Am to Worship was stretched out and became the closer, with a closing prayer for Christ to be glorified not only in what we had just done but what we would do throughout the coming week. There was another closing song that connected us to Christ and His exaltation, Once Again, that I put aside. Another one of those worship songs that was just meant for our team I guess! It happens. Better to cut short than go on a bit too long.


5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Review Nov 15

  1. julie Townsend

    okay…just to be clear, I was not actually holding a mic when I tested the temperature of the baptismal (I’m guessing a toasty 80 degrees or so). Note to self – ALWAYS read Tom’s Monday blog =)

  2. Steffani Platt

    I am SO glad Lauren B has joined us singing, and I look forward to hearing her beautiful voice praising God, as well as singing with her 🙂


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