Monday Morning Review Nov 8

This past Sunday’s service of worship in the 11am hour actually started on Thursday night. We had most vocals and a few players at rehearsal, another 5-6 people were missing and would join us Sunday am. After working quickly through notes and rhythms, we spent the remainder of the rehearsal going through the service order as an act of worship. It was moving, and something I’m hopeful we can do more of on Thursday nights spent in the Prep Room.

Sunday morning there were a few issues with mics and sound levels on stage, mostly my voc and guitar levels, and a few other things as well. So a good deal of the time Mark was trying to work these things out, thankfully, but it slowed down the pace of our preparation considerably. Fortunately we got through everything with the band, and in the end, the service itself went pretty smoothly. Worship, particularly towards the end of the opening session & the responsive time, was again about as moving as Thursday night was. Ed once again said some flattering things about me as a worship leader, which I know is heartfelt but I really believe it has a lot to do with all of you on this team working together alongside me. I have been doing worship leading for a long number of years now, and have never experienced this much camaraderie and mutual support, as you have all been giving the past few years at COD. Such consistency from week to week! Amazing, all glory to God and His blessing.

I have to say, my other memory of Sunday is not so much a highlight really. After the first 2 songs, there were still a couple of sound things I needed to check on, so I called for a congregational greeting. So when you say “hey, turn around and say hello to someone next to you” am I really saying “why don’t you travel around the room and start some conversation”?! I don’t think I am, but it’s just weird. And it’s my own fault I guess. It’s really hard then to bring it back to worship. So I probably made too much of it, that’s hard not to do. And then when I’m trying to bring it back, and reading from the Word a psalm, and people right near me (like very near me close to the stage) are still carrying on conversation, it’s VERY hard not to say anything. Act like it’s not distracting. Right. Was I out of line for drawing any attention to it at all? Not sure about that, but my conflict on this took me right out of focus for the next 10 minutes for sure. Even when Ed was complimenting me about the quality of worship I was still thinking about how to deal with talkers and what I could have done better.



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