New Prayer & Worship Hour

Starting Sunday Nov. 15 we’re going to offer a time of prayer and worship for our ministry, and for the church, at the 9:30am hour. This will be up in U30 (Music Room), and will be led by our own worship leaders plus Craig & Roxie Graves, who will guide the prayer time. It’s a joining together of the 9:30am Prayer Team and our own desire to see our ministry members gather for prayer and worship during that hour. We’ll do this until December 20, and then decide how to proceed for the coming year.

Greg D will be leading the initial session on Nov. 15, and Colin will be there as well to help guide things. They will meet to pray for the Music Ministry weekly requests, for various churchwide prayer needs & the Breakthrough Prayers, and intersperse it with responsive acts of worship.

If you’re not already committed to a class at that hour, and aren’t on the worship team for that day, you should really consider coming for worship and prayer support!


ALSO please remember to join us this Sunday night for the FAMILY MATTERS meeting at 5:30pm in the Worship Center. Let’s have a great show of unity among our own ministry for the church at large.


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