Monday Morning review Nov 1

Yesterday’s 11am worship was a real contrast to the week before. On Oct 25 we had about 18 people on the team, including horns. That was big, and good, and everything we had to rehearse took some time to get through. This past Sunday we had 7 total in a semi-acoustic set up. No rehearsal, went through it all in about an hour, with Michael Robinson showing up at about 10:35 from teaching class and playing most everything in the service on the fly. You may have not noticed the contrast between Sundays – ! – but I did. And I loved them both.

Highlights for me yesterday were: Colleen playing O Sacred Head during the bread. She just did so well with that, and as she took her time through the music, I was truly able to worship and thank Christ for His body broken. Also, singing King of Glory with the team. I don’t know why that song, but I really did enjoy it. I actually tried to write a new song for that spot in the worship order on Tuesday, something to tie in Christ’s lesson on the fig tree & belief, and something that would sound nice with an acoustic vocal group, but I was stymied on a suitable chorus. I’m glad to have settled on a familiar, simple, well written tune instead. At the very end of the service, I was enjoying trying to keep up on guitar with Michael’s rhythms on the cajon. Oh yeah, also turning around to see John taking the place of Rod on the last song, that was funny. John gives me this wink like “don’t worry I got you covered”. I knew that Rod would have to leave early, just didn’t know if he had seen John about it. I guess he did, don’t really know for sure. Maybe John just saw an opening and jumped in. Co speculated that Rod had actually morphed somehow into John with one of his new iPhone apps. One more highlight – getting to walk around in the front around the lobby before worship started, and sitting during the message in the big room with my wife for a change! When I came back from wandering around the lobby before worship, the team plus Ed were waiting for me at the piano. I thought it might be some sort of confrontation – lovefrontation? – they were waiting for me to pray with them. But I needed a moment to collect my thoughts, and am skittish about praying right in front of others who might feel they’re interrupting us, so I made everyone walk back behind the curtain. . . !

OK review done. Comments?



One thought on “Monday Morning review Nov 1

  1. Rob

    Last Sunday was fun. The only thing I was confused about (besides singing the wrong words – as always)…….

    Tom: Stand up!

    My brain: Does that mean us too? But we don’t get to sit on the stools very often, I want to take advantage of this as much as possible. Dog gone it…now if I stand up it will seem awkward. But everyone else is standing, I fell like I should too. Ugh…….

    Oh well…


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